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Franklin's work

You could describe me as a production, marketing and communications professional. Soon, I can add 'author' to this list. Currently I'm working on publishing my first book. 

Franklin's facts

- Born and raised in Rotterdam, Holland.

- Living in Almere, Holland.

- Married to Roy Jonathans.

- A Dutch Antilean-Portugese father and an Indonesian-Chinese mother. 

- Studied at HES Rotterdam (Management, Economics and Law and Bachelor of Business Administration) and NIMA (Communication A).

Franklin's likes         

I like to write. I love good food a some extensive cooking. I enjoy travelling; nature, culture and metropolitan cities attract me. I find both modern skyscrapers and old buildings very cool (I love NYC!). And I have a fascination for Egyptian mythology.

I used to dance in my young adult years, mainly did hiphop/Streetdance. I still enjoy watching top quality shows, concerts and musicals.

Furthermore, I think Oprah Winfrey is great! I always watched her TV show since my childhood.

And did I actually mention that I love good food?

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