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So You Think This Is Dance 

To show yourself, but at what cost? Against the daily pressure of the dance world, Tristan struggles in pursuit of a place at the top.

Editorial: Marlen Visser & Marja Duin. Coaching: Karin Giphart. Publisher: to be determined. 

It began a few years ago when we were dining with friends at an authentic Chinese restaurant in the Red Light District in Amsterdam and they said: 'What you all experience in the dance world, that can't be true, can it? You could write a book about that!'

I write a lot for work, but a book is another thing. So I decided to educate myself and in recent years I have done that as follows.​


Schrijfmarathon 010 (The Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy, Poetry Academy en De Schrijfschool) | If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller - Raoul de Jong Debuteren als schrijver – Daretoo / Linda Krijns, Marja Duin & Harold de Croon.

The Art of Storytelling part 1 & 2 – The Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy / Silvana Sodde | The Fellowship of Flawless fiction - The Writer’s Guide to the Galaxy - Simone Atangana Bekono.

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