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My work

This consists of various tasks and I would summarize it as:​

- Production: guiding and implementing projects & events.

- Marketing: the marketing of products, people & events.

- Communication: developing and executing the communications of people, businesses & events (including spokemanship).

- Secondary activities - coaching, teaching and facilitating workshops (communication & entrepreneurial skills).​


I started my professional career at the European Headquarters of Nike. Among other things I worked for the semi-annual sales meeting, where collections were introduced in an entertainment format to buyers globally.

I continued my career within trade union FNV. I was responsible for the Marketing and Communications activities for the youth division. In that role I led activities, which were often picked up by the press (print, radio and TV). I made collaboration deals with Dutch radio SLAM FM! and music TV station TMF/MTV. I was also the general spokesperson for the organization.

Meanwhile I started my own dance agency together with my (now) spouse in 2004. In 2008 I quitted my last permanent job and have been working as a fulltime freelancer ever since. Nowadays under the flag of our company Artistry Inc. and for my marketing/communication assignments specifically under the heading 'Artistry Communicatie'.

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